Why Spray Foam Roofing System Is The Best For Your Flat Roof Building

By admin Posted on: 26 Oct 2020, Spray Foam Roof

Spray foam is present in the roofing industry for a long time. And it is counted as the best roofing material for professionals. It can handle harsh weather conditions and provides better insulation in both winters and summer. So, it is no brainer to say that spray foam roofing is the best roofing alternative present for flat roof buildings for both residential and commercial buildings.

In this guide, we will cover all the reasons why spray foam roofing is an ideal solution in Arizona. Patriot Construction and Consulting have all the answers about spray foam roofing. Our professional roofers suggest the spray foam roofing ideal solution for flat roof buildings.

Why Choose Spray Foam Roofing Over Other Roofings?

If you are tired because of your old roofing system giving you problems. It’s high-time to switch to a new, better, and efficient roofing system. Most people have a tendency not to change and they follow the same path with their roofing systems. There are clear benefits to be seen.

  • Energy Efficient Means Low Bills: The main advantage of spray foam roofing is that it is a great insulator. It has an R-value around R-6 to R-7 per inch, which means you will save both on heating and cooling costs. It is seen that foam roofing can produce energy savings of 30% or more compared to other roofing systems. If you are good with calculations, in around five years, the roof will pay for itself.
  • Spray Foam Roofing Is Renewable: Another benefit of spray foam roofing is it can be easily recoated. A properly maintained spray foam roof won’t require any maintenance for around 10-20 years. Check the coating thickness to know if the roof is thin or not. You must recoat the roof before the coating gets too thin to protect from U.V. rays. The first application of the coating must be done at a thickness of 20-30 mils. Even after 10 years of use the coating only gets reduced to 7-10 mils.
  • It Gets Installed Quickly: The spray foam roofs get installed quickly than other roofing systems because:

1. Most spray foam roofing installation requires no tear.
2. They are applied with the help of a spray, therefore reaching in small penetrations.
3. They require less material and equipment than other roofing systems.

  • SPF Roofing Has The Longest Life: Installing a new roof is not something you will do regularly. The basic thing you look for is longevity. SPF roofing is easily maintained and is also cost-effective, while other roofing systems get deteriorated with time and need complete replacement at the end of their lifespan. Foam roofing systems only require reapplication approx 20 years. Spray foam roofing is a long term investment keeping your future roof and costs in check.
  • SPF Offers Excellent Protection From Fire: No matter how much you care for your home but an accident can happen at any time. For better protection of your home, you need a roof i.e. fire-resistant, and spray foam roofing is the ideal choice. The roof is a soft-spot for fire if a nearby building catches fire, your building would be vulnerable. Most people go with an inexperienced roofer who is not capable of installing the roof properly and this can put your life in danger. A closed-cell spray foam roofing has polyurethane foam which is a natural barrier against fires. The material contains built-in fire retardants. It limits the risk that a fire will start on your roof and limit the spreading of the fire.
  • No More Drainage Issues For Flat Roofs: When it rains, it can cause a heavy problem for flat roofs. They have a problem with the drainage system after heavy rain. Here, applying a spray foam roof can help to solve this issue. The SPF can be applied in many layers to help with proper drainage on flat roof buildings. On these types of roofs, you need to install a minimum of 1 inch of spray foam as the roof maintains the slope. Ask your roofing contractor to install 1 inch near the drains or 2 inches away from the drains. It brings the roof to an average of 1.5 inches of spray foam.
  • SPF Is Watertight And Offers Moisture Protection: Your roof needs to seal the outside moisture, the smallest amount of leakage can lead to water damage, household mold, rotting of wood to name a few. Most people know to spray foam roofs for insulation but the material is a good moisture barrier. The SPF creates a seal against humidity and rain that keeps your home fresh.
  • It Is Ideal For Harsh Weather Conditions: The spray foam roof is lightweight and it’s strong and will not sag under harsh weather conditions in Arizona. The roofing foam has a strength of almost 50 lbs per square inch. SPF also has high adhesive characteristics and presents the strongest resistance to high-winds, tornados, hurricanes, etc. The temperature in Arizona is around 32.2°C to 48.9°C, therefore it’s ideal to use spray foam roofing because of its insulating properties. It keeps your home cooler in summers.
  • No Waste = Green Environment: This is another advantage of using spray foam roofing for flat roofs. If you use other roofing materials then they end up being at a recycling plant. Whereas, foam roofing systems have no such effect on the environment and leave with little or no waste. There is no need to replace the roof completely, you can just do a little maintenance and you are good to go. While replacing a traditional roof there are chances of having waste materials like dust, debris, etc.

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Installation Process For Spray Foam Roofing

Before the installation process begins the existing roof needs to be prepared first. In the given video below, our professional roofing contractors check the condition of the existing roof and accordingly take further steps for installation.

Given below are the steps taken by our professionals do the spray foam work as shown in the above video:

Step 1. Prepping The Roof Surface
Our professionals will do the proper preparation of the substrate to achieve the successful spray foam application. You require a clean and dry free that is free of any contaminants. A re-roofing application will remove some. They will clean the roof before beginning with the installation process. It’s done with the help of a vacuum.

Step 2. Installing The Spray Foam Roofing
The first layer sprayed by the contractor is polyurethane foam. The liquid is sprayed on the existing roof and it expands around 20 times in size to form a solid surface. When the foam gets expanded, the layer can be between 1 and 1.5 inches in thickness.

When the SPF layer is completed then it is followed by acrylic coating. This layer is around 20 and 30 miles in thickness. This coating protects the roof from UV rays and normal wear and tear. As you can see our roofer is spraying the SPF while maintaining the precautions, wearing gloves.

Step 3. The Second Layer Is Applied
Once the first layer, the roof would be ready for a top layer. The additional coating protects the roof from all the weather conditions like sun, hail, snow, rain, moisture, and humidity. The coating is key and it locks in the durability.

When the installation is done your roof would look like this:

When the installation is done

Cost Of A Spray Foam Roofing

When you are investing in a spray foam roof, knowing the cost beforehand would come in handy. Many factors can affect the price of a spray foam roof. For a residential roof, the average price would be approximately $4 to $7 to install a spray foam roof in Phoenix. To get the right price you need to consider these three factors: 

  1. The size of the roof, which can include transportation costs, debris removal costs.
  2. The thickness of the spray foam, the thicker your spray foam, the higher is the R-value, our professional contractors can work with the client for the optimum thickness.
  3. The condition of your existing roof depends on how old the roof is, and therefore the cost will vary.

Common Questions Asked By Homeowners To Spray Foam Roofing Contractor 

  • How to know if my building requires a new roof?
    Our professionals at Patriot Construction and Consulting will perform a proper check on your existing roof. We will check for roof leaks and mold, are some visible factors that your roofs need replacing.
  • Can he show you a portfolio of projects he has completed?
    We are a reputable roofing contractor and are proud to share our pictures and details of the projects that we have completed. You can check our roofing gallery, if still not sure then you can ask us for a portfolio.
  • Does the installation come with a warranty? 
    If there is no warranty on offer, then it could be a big problem for the client. You could be on your own. Make sure to ask about the warranty from the company. We at Patriot Construction and Consulting offer a proper warranty during and after the installation process.

Some Other Questions To Keep In Mind
1) Who will be my contact during the project and how readily accessible will they be?
2) How long will my project take?
3) What steps do you take for the safety of your workers?

Are You Ready To Take The Spray Foam Roofing Installation To Next Level? 

This article aims to provide detailed information about everything on spray foam roofing. I hope this information helps you to make a better decision for your building. At Patriot Construction and Consulting, we have been installing spray foam roofs for quite a long time and have replaced, repaired plenty of roofs while providing the best insulation. After the installation, you need to worry about the recoats every 10-15 years & you will have a roof that’ll stay leak-free for a long time.  

You always want quality service for your roof. And for that, you need to rely on a professional roofing contractor in your area. We, at Patriot Construction and Consulting, have numerous accreditations from the National Roofing Contractors Association, Arizona Registrar Of Contractors and we also have an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau  and a member of SPFA. Our professionals will visit for site inspection at just a call. You can trust us with all your roofing needs.

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