Why Professional Spray Foam Roofing Maintenance is Important

By admin Posted on: 08 Sep 2020, Spray Foam Roof

Spray foam roofing has been around for a long time but, now it is becoming popular. And if your current roof has seen its better days, now is the perfect time to switch to spray foam roofing. It is suitable for both commercial and residential. Spray foam roofing provides proper insulation against harsh conditions. No spray foam roofing system is without problems. That’s why it is better to stay in touch with the best roofing contractors that you trust. Spray foam roofing solutions are becoming the go-to for roofing for commercial, industrial facilities that are looking for a cheap option. At Arizona Patriot, our goal is to get you a long-lasting & durable roof that protects your facility.

Some benefits of spray foam roofing:

  • Energy efficiency: SPF roofing offers thermal, air, and moisture barriers to provide the most R-value per inch, which ensures the material has better insulation for the house.
  • Easy to maintain: Once the SPF roof gets installed, it requires minimal repair. If preserved, the spray foam roofing will last more than 50 years.
  • Moisture protection: The smallest amount of leakage can lead to water damage & rotting wood. The SPF creates a natural seal against rain and humidity.

And like any other type of roof, these benefits need to be maintained. So, carry on with the article to know the importance of professional maintenance foam roofing.

What happens when you decide not to maintain your spray foam roof?

It is the most common question from the customers. And the answer is that your foam roof will start to deteriorate. And you will notice various changes as small pits begin to form on the foam. These holes might be visible on the roof’s surface. If there is any roof surface damage, then you can no longer recoat it. These holes will start to develop 15-20 years after the roof gets installed.

How do our professionals help you with spray foam maintenance?

The maintenance of the spray foam roof is necessary. And what’s better than having a professional team of roofers. We, at Arizona Patriot, we help our clients in the best way possible. Here are the reasons why you should hire us for spray foam roofing maintenance:

    • Difficult for customers to manage roof maintenance on their own
      A popular reason: why professional spray foam roofing is necessary? Because customers aren’t best at recognizing the issues. Roofing systems are complicated. And many such customers try to handle things on their own and end with thousands of dollars in bills. So, hiring a professional roofing contractor like Arizona Patriot is the ideal solution to maintain your spray foam roof. Because you can’t replace years of experience, so it’s better to leave the roof maintenance to professionals.
    • We offer regular inspections of a spray foam roof
      When the spray foam gets installed, regular inspections are needed. Your roof needs to have at least two checks done in a year. The spray foam roofing professionals will look out for cracks, punctures, breaks, or wavy sections. They remove any visible debris from the roof as soon as it’s possible after the storm. These regular inspections prevent minor damage to become widespread damage, leaks, and roof failure. The repair gets completed when the area of damage gets identified by the professionals.
    • We deal with a discolored or bad textured foam roof
      The professionals would also check for areas that are discolored. They pay close attention to the texture when more than cleaning gets required for proper foam roof maintenance. Typical signs for a problem is when the texture resembles popcorn of the scrambled eggs. Rather the finish of the spray foam roof should be like orange peel. When professionals notice the roof that has been exposed & showing signs of deterioration, maintenance is required.
    • We offer roof recoating
      Spray foam roofing is durable enough with the average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. According to roofing professionals, recoat is a must after the first five years of installation. Investing in a recoating renews the effectiveness of the foam roof. It increases the ability to cancel out noise and water. A roof recoated by contractors in Phoenix can last another 20 to 30 years before recoating is required.
    • Roof maintenance saves money
      Regular maintenance is good because it helps the clients to save money in the long run. Without regular maintenance, the roof could develop plenty of problems that become worse with time. When a ceiling has issues for a prolonged period, it costs more to repair. And in some instances, replacing the roof is the only answer.



    Now, you can see that hiring a professional foam roofing contractor to repair the roof is more beneficial than doing the work by yourself. The professionals have access to the equipment, supplies, and materials needed to repair the roof. If you struggle to maintain the roof, leave the foam roof repair Phoenix to us. To find more information about roof maintenance and roof repairs, contact us here.