Quick Tips for Getting the Best Long-Lasting Performance from Asphalt Paving

By Dominic Maceda Posted on: 29 Jun 2020, Asphalt And Concrete Paving

Have you ever wondered how some of the asphalt that you see lasts for more than 10 years? Here are some helpful tips!

REMOVE STANDING WATER: Always remember that even when it rains (as rare as that is here in Arizona!), remove the standing water that remains on your asphalt. Otherwise, it’ll penetrate the surface of the water and exponentially contribute to the damages. Standing water is one of the worst offenders. It’s usually a result of indents or depressions in certain parts of your pavement. Moisture collects underneath these piles and becomes trapped. If any cracks are present, the moisture can find a path to the pavement’s base, resulting in the erosion and eventual destabilization of the base.

FIX POTHOLES QUICKLY: If ever your asphalt has potholes, fix them as soon as possible. You don’t want any liabilities or casualties under your premises. Potholes pose a great danger for pedestrians and drivers and the last thing you want to happen is for someone to become injured on your property due to your negligence.

PROPER CLEANING: Another important maintenance tip for your asphalt parking lots is proper cleaning. If you leave this dirt and debris to accumulate over your asphalt parking lot, you will suffer from water drainage problems leading to pooling. Maintain the cleanliness of your asphalt to avoid damages and even hidden damage on your asphalt. Dirt can also hide various cracks and potholes in your asphalt parking lot

USING A HOT-AIR LANCE: A hot-air lance warms and dries the surface of the pavement, which helps contribute to a stronger bond of the material. This technique is seen most often in wet climates or when there are high levels of humidity or rainfall. Once a crack is clean, paving contractors will decide on material placement configuration.

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