Popular Myths About Residential Remodeling You Shouldn’t Believe

By admin Posted on: 10 Mar 2021, Residential Remodeling

Residential remodeling is a dream for most homeowners. Why? Because proper residential remodeling is a way of bringing new life to your home. You can redo your kitchen, your floor, roof, and much more.

A homeowner knows that a renovated home is a long-term investment. When the remodeling is done right can shoot up the price of the property.

Therefore, homeowners need to understand the myths regarding home remodeling. Knowing about these myths can help the homeowner to make the right decision, before starting with a home remodeling project.

Myth 1. Hiring A Professional Is Costly Than Doing Renovations By Yourself

Hiring A Professional Is Costly Than Doing Renovations By Yourself

It is one of the top myths regarding home remodeling. Many homeowners try to live by this philosophy. They believe that money can be saved while they can do the remodeling work all by themselves. 

Homeowners think that handling the project themselves will help them save money on labor costs. But they are wrong. They forget to include the other miscellaneous expenses that occur during the home remodeling process. Then you are not a professional that can lead to failure during the remodeling. 

Therefore, hiring a professional is necessary, and it offers plenty of benefits. A residential construction contractor can handle any complications that may arise during the process. Plus a contractor will provide all the necessary warranties.

Myth 2. Roofing Renovation Projects Takes A Lot Of Time

Residential remodeling requires planning, without the proper guidance or hiring any less experienced roofing contractor can make the project stretch than the desired time. 

Hiring a residential contractor that has ample experience under their belt is important. Here’s how a residential construction contractor helps to save time during the roofing remodeling:

  • They will discuss your budget and expectations. 
  • They will inspect the premises to determine what materials are needed. 
  • Look for any potential problems and estimate the time to complete the project. 

There might be some instances where a project can take longer than expected. But a professional contractor makes it possible to complete the roof installation/repair in an estimated time. At Patriot construction and consulting, our roofing professionals use a four-step method to install the roof: 

  • First, we will clean your existing roof. 
  • Then, we will apply the base layer of the polyurethane spray foam.
  • In the third step, we add acrylic latex for added protection. 
  • Lastly, we use a final layer to provide a waterproof barrier.

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Myth 3. All Residential Remodeling Increases The Value Of Your Home

All Residential Remodeling Increases The Value Of Your Home

Residential remodeling is not for everyone. Sometimes the vision of your contractor doesn’t match with yours and the result can be unsatisfactory. These upgrades can make it difficult for the home to sell in the future. Here are some instances of residential remodeling that decrease the value of your home: 

  • Upgrades that are associated with hobbies. It includes the installation of a salt-water aquarium, etc.
  • Upgrades also require a lot of work. Installation of a high-maintenance garden. 
  • Remodeling projects that remove the area such as the sleeping area into a dining room. 

So, the point is simple. Adding an extra room can increase the value of your home but it might not increase the resale value. To improve your home’s value you need to work on the areas that need remodeling. Having a remodeling contractor by your side can do wonders.

Myth 4. Residential Remodeling Means You Need To Temporarily Move Out Of Your Home

Most homeowners have this image of workers moving in and out of their homes, materials lying here and there. They believe that during the remodeling process they can’t stay in their home. 

The above scenario is a rare case. The professionals are trained to work with minimum disturbance. They are well-occupied to work in tight spaces. Plus the experts working in one section don’t need to access the entire house. You need to stay in your house until the experts tell you to move temporarily out. 

An experienced residential remodeling company discusses the schedule before starting with the project. It allows the homeowners to make any early arrangements. If you have any questions, then feel free to click on the button below. We will be happy to answer all of your questions. 

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Myth 5. Having A Pool Adds Value To Your Home

Having A Pool Adds Value To Your Home

Who doesn’t want a pool in their backyard? It can be a fun addition to your home and an ideal way to beat the heat. You might be thinking that adding a pool is the right decision to increase the resale value of your home. 

Before adding a pool you need to consider these factors: 

  • You must be living in a hot climate.
  • Decide according to the buyer’s demand in the area.
  • Keep the maintenance cost in mind. 

So, before making a final decision, it’s better to have a consultation with a residential construction contractor. They will guide you after doing an inspection and whether it makes sense or not.

Myth 6. You Don’t Require Permits For Remodeling

Homeowners believe that remodeling can be done without the need for permits. They get careless and think no one will focus on them. But permits are there for your protection only. 

If your remodeling project requires structural changes in the home, then you need a permit to move forward. If you are continuing it without the permit, it can lead to a fine. Your project might get stopped midway. Always visit the authorities to check whether your project requires a permit. 

If the permit process seems tough, we at Patriot Construction and Consulting can help you to move effectively and handle all the permit works. 

Myth 7. Going With The Lowest Bid Always Works

As a homeowner, you are interested in home remodeling and you are on a tight budget. You are tempted to sign a residential remodeling contractor with the lowest bid. But don’t do this or you will land up in trouble. 

It is a tactic used by unlicensed contractors to scam homeowners who are on a tight budget and don’t have proper knowledge of remodeling. If you have got a bid from such a contractor, then it’s better to stay away from them. 


Patriot Construction and Consulting: Your Local Residential Remodeling Company

Patriot construction and consulting are here to help the residents of Arizona with all the needed residential home remodeling. Our experts are just a call away and they ensure that you won’t fall into the above-mentioned myths about residential remodeling. 

The misinformation about residential remodeling can lead to poorly done remodeling. Our team at Patriot construction and consulting will clarify all your doubts and deliver the project on time while following safety guidelines.


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