Latest Construction Contracting Company Trends That Will Re-Shape The Business In 2021

By admin Posted on: 31 Dec 2020, Construction Contracting

Construction has always been one of the revenue-generating industries in the world. And the construction industry is one of the largest in the US. Despite the size & scope of the industry, it’s always changing and adapting to new trends. And today, you can see examples of how technology is bringing the revolution in this industry. Technologies such as artificial intelligence to the Internet of things are shaping construction by driving low productivity. And as the construction industry will become more competitive, harnessing the construction trends will prove valuable for any construction company.

We will discuss the construction trends to stay competitive and gain an edge in the industry.

Why Is The Traditional Construction Industry Reshaping?

It’s stunning to see the change in traditional construction is changing. It’s engaging to see the factors that are contributing to the change.

  • Client expectations changing rapidly: Clients are aware of the changing markets. They have growing expectations for products for their commercial buildings and more. Client demands are increasing day by day, therefore expect construction companies to get modularized with their approach.
  • Brilliant capacity in technology: There is a high possibility that will come up in the construction business, and it increases efficiency. With coming innovations in technologies, construction companies will get transformed with the help of VR/AR. There would be a low possibility of human errors.
  • Emerging new-gen craftsmen: As construction professionals, you might be aware that there is a fresh wave of techies coming through and adopting digital tools and design trends for construction. With tech-related jobs, the younger generation has exciting times ahead to apply creativity to the processes.

Here are some of the most noteworthy upcoming trends for general construction or remodeling business

Trend 1: Technology That Improves Efficiency

The difference between builders this year is likely to be a change in construction technology. And all the innovations that enhance efficiency.

  • Use of drones in construction: 

Use of drones in construction

The use of drones in the construction industry is becoming one of the hottest trends. The technology offers more than aerial photography for the real estate industry. Drones are useful to map large areas over large distances. The drone software provides real-time data used for making rapid decision making and streamlining the whole construction process.

Personal safety gets considered to be a liability in the construction industry. Drones can be used to reach heights and do their work in place of human workers.

  • Augmented reality (AR): The augmented reality gets expected to be worth $90 billion by next year. It doesn’t belong to the gaming industry anymore. Just imagine visualizing the real world through a camera lens. AR systems can display any information about the equipment while the user can look at the components. For builders, AR ease the use of wearable technology with 360-degree video helps to enable:
  1. Automated measuring of buildings
  2. Simulations for safety training and hazard simulations
  3. 3D visualization of future projects
  4. Simulation of architectural changes

Trend 2: Building Information Modelling Will Grow

The building information technology is paving the path for construction contracting companies to work more effectively. You must be thinking of how potent is BIM? It helps with the creation of computer representations of the buildings. A construction contractor can manage models, and BIM helps with the projects getting completed on time. The technology offers various benefits to construction companies making resource management more accessible.

Leading companies have embraced this technology that includes us. We at Patriot Construction & Consulting are in the construction industry & uses BIM for better collaboration & communication between teams. Autodesk is one of the top-rated BIM solutions to help professionals manage infrastructure. Top BIM software solutions available in 2021 include:

  • Tekla BIMsight
  • BIMx
  • BIMobject
  • Navisworks
  • Revit
  • Autodesk BIM 360

Trend 3: 3D Printing Gets Used By Many Contractors

3D Printing Gets Used By Many Contractors

Another construction trend to watch out for in 2021 is the role of 3D-printing. This technology helps to push the boundaries beyond the designer’s table by creating a 3D object from a computer-aided design model building the object layer by layer.

For example, nowadays, you can do 3D print an entire house in less than 24 hours. The 3D printing market business will reach $54 million in 2021. Benefits of 3D printing technology for the construction industry:

  • 3D printing reduces materials waste and also saves a lot of time by the production of samples.
  • 3D printing allows the capability to prefabricate offsite or directly on-site. In comparison to traditional building, methods are simple to print materials that are necessary for fabrication.
  • It’s an advantage for construction companies that needs faster delivery of the materials and no useless steps.

Trend 4: Cloud & Mobile Technologies

Cloud operating systems get used in various industries. And nowadays, with mobile devices supporting cloud technology, you can look forward to storing lots of information and share it quickly. To remain competitive in the current market, all you need to do is use a cloud-based business phone system.

Cloud solutions not only help to store a large amount of data. But, it makes it accessible for the managers by keeping it in a secure location. This information can also be accessed by every device that is connected or by data analysis platforms.

  • Use Of Cloud-Based Collaboration: Another trend in 2021 is cloud-based collaboration & construction projects with high fragmentation can benefit from cloud-based collaboration to cut out the gap. This year you can expect the developers, contractors, and engineers to integrate or manage their processes via an always-connected cloud-based platform.

Cloud also helps the contractors to work on the same set of data present in the back office. You will see the projects running in real-time with accurate data. It eliminates manual tasks, provides greater flexibility that improves productivity.

Trend 5: Modular & Prefabricated Construction

There has been a growing trend towards multi-trade fabrication. A Multi-Trade Prefabrication Conference held for many construction companies willing to or are implementing prefabrication strategies.

Let’s check an example: When it comes to the modular construction market size, prefabricated housing accounts for 84% of Scandinavian homes. It compares to about 20% of houses in both Germany and France. With only 5% of U.S. homes, there is plenty of growth to be seen in 2021. And Patriot Construction & Consulting is looking forward to applying this trend.

Another trend is modularisation. The trend is somewhat similar to prefabrication, and many people see it growing in popularity in the coming years. There are ample construction companies that have started using these strategies. The added benefit is they are eco-friendly because when working on the construction materials can be rejected.

Trend 6: Robotics Provides Muscles Of Steel In Construction Sector

2021 can be the year where robotics can make an impact on the construction industry. A report by the World Economic Forum states that 2021 could be the year of robots in the construction industry. Robotic bricklayers to laying roads robots are finding their foot in the construction industry. It is new for the industry as traditionally the construction industry has seen little automation, relying mainly on manual labor.

By including robots in the workforce, construction companies see improved construction times and the quality of builds. Robots get used to demolish buildings. The companies are not willing to take this step because the cost of robotics will be high. It is a one-time investment & using this technology is a necessity.

Trend 7: Use of Exoskeletons In Construction Industry

Another trend that will boom in 2021 is the extensive use of exoskeletons. The benefits it can provide to the construction workforce are apparent. According to the study done by ABI Research states the robotic exoskeleton market will grow up to $1.8 billion in 2025 from $68 million in 2014. That is a leap.

It helps in reducing the number of laborers needed on-site. And many contractors believe that wearable technology such as construction exoskeletons can bring a change in the construction industry. Exoskeletons reduce injury and strain by distributing weight evenly. And reduce the strain on different parts of the body.

Wrapping It Up

The upcoming developments in the construction industry are noticeable. Where once it was only about bricks, walls are getting replaced by robots, drones, and proven technologies for planning. Humans will play their role, but construction will leverage technology and become safer. If your firm strives for profits, you need to use a reliable construction contracting company. Do let us know your views on the trends in the construction industry. And how the industry will evolve in 2021.


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