Determining The Types Of Asphalt Mixture For Your Next Paving Project

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Asphalt gets used for various purposes during concrete projects. It comes in varying types. Here you will get to know about the type of asphalt mix for your project.

Whether you need a pothole or driveway paved, asphalt is the right choice. But for every asphalt project, it’s necessary to find the right mix for an impressive outcome.

‘Asphalt is not the only asphalt available in the market.’ is the popular quote among the contractors.

Different types of asphalt offer various uses. A contractor chooses the asphalt mix which is ideal according to the client’s requirement & project.

Don’t worry!! You are in the right place.

We, at Patriot Construction and Consulting, offers a variety of asphalt paving services. They are suitable for both residential and commercial projects. When it’s about asphalt paving, we have the experience. According to our experts, here are the main types of asphalt mix.

Types Of Asphalt Mixes Ideal For Your Project:

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix asphalt is heated between 150 and 190 degrees Celsius to remove the density. Hot mix asphalt is popular in the United States. Hot mix asphalt is preferred by contractors when the outside temperature is above 40 degrees.

Hot Mix Asphalt Uses:

  • Parking lotsHighways
  • Tennis courts
  • Tracks
  • Airfields
  • Port facilities

Hot Mix Asphalt mixtures get classified into three categories:

1) Dense Graded Asphalt

A dense-graded asphalt mixture is ideal for pavement layers & ideal in the United States. A dense graded asphalt got a binder content between 4.5 to 6%. When dense-graded mixtures are applied, they are watertight.

Advantages of Dense-Graded Asphalt Mixtures:

  • Cheaper than other asphalt mixtures
  • Less penetrable if compacted well0
  • Ideal interlock of aggregate particles
2) Open-Graded Friction Course

OGFCs have been used in America since the 1950s and are accepted in other countries as well. The OGFC mixture is ideal to use in areas with hot climates. The open-graded friction course mixture provides longer service life. It improves the drainage, improvement in visibility & increases friction. Our experts have reported twelve years of service before requiring any maintenance.

Advantages of Open-Graded Friction Course:

  • Thick binder films because of high asphalt binder contents.
  • Porous nature helps to drain off the surface water from the surface.
  • Apply in areas of continuous traffic with sharp turns.

When to use:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • High friction needs
  • High traffic areas
  • Noise sensitive areas
3) Stone Matrix Asphalt

Stone matrix asphalt got developed in Europe and is ideal for highways and roads in the United States. It is expensive than dense-graded asphalt. A stone matrix asphalt helps in a rut & crack resistance. Stone matrix asphalt mixtures help in achieving surface texture that is ideal for wet weather traction.

Advantages of Stone Matrix Asphalt:

  • Aggregate interlock.
  • Durability because of high binder contents.
  • Ideal for areas with heavy traffic where cracking is a concern.

Warm Mix Asphalt

Warm Mix Asphalt

Warm mix asphalt is a popular choice among asphalt contractors in Phoenix. It gets manufactured between 200 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Less energy is needed for heating asphalt mixes, lower than hot mix asphalt. Fuel consumption gets reduced by 20% to improve efficiency & lower costs.

Warm mix asphalt is expensive than hot mix asphalt. Warm mix asphalt mixture costs between $3 to $5 more per ton. The installation process in warm mix asphalt is quicker. Therefore, making it an ideal choice for asphalt paving contractors. 

Advantages Of Using Warm-Mix Asphalt: 

  • Better Performance: Warm mix asphalt is versatile and efficient. It gets used for a variety of purposes that includes road thickness and more.  Warm mix asphalt can withstand heavy traffic. Therefore it is a good option for highways and busy roads in the area.  For pavements proper compaction is necessary. Asphalt paved highways are confirmed based on their density. The warm mix helps to attain that density of pavements.
  • Ideal For Workers And The Environment: Warm mix asphalt is considered safer for workers. There are a few fumes and smoke. It is ideal for areas with inadequate ventilation where hot mix asphalt can create issues.  Warm mix asphalt has fewer emissions and gets used for paving in areas with bad air quality. It helps to minimize any construction delays, and when workers feel safe, they can complete the project on time & asphalt maintenance. It’s a cost-effective option, ideal for both workers and the environment in the long run.

Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold mix asphalt is different from the other two asphalt mix because it does not require any heat to be flexible. The only thing that goes against cold mix asphalt is that it’s not as durable as hot mix asphalt. But there are benefits to using cold mix asphalt. 

The installation process of cold mix asphalt is simple. It doesn’t require to be heated, mixed in any way before applying to the desired area. The process gets done with a hand tool. Cold mix asphalt lasts around six months. Therefore, it’s ideal for projects that require quick solutions. Cold mix asphalt lasts only for a season or a maximum of two. 

Advantages Of Cold Mix Asphalt: Various benefits make cold mix asphalt a favorite option. It includes:

  • Cold Mix Asphalt Is Economical: It’s economical when compared to hot & warm mix asphalt. Cold mix asphalt doesn’t require heat, so there is less cost during the installation process. It is applied directly straight from the container in comparison to hot/warm mix asphalt. Therefore, it’s cost-effective. 
  • Easier To Use: You won’t require high-tech machinery as paving equipment for asphalt paving. It is suitable for all weather conditions. The cold mix asphalt gets used even when the temperature drops, reducing the need to maintain the temperature.

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What Is The Right Asphalt Mix For Your Project?

All the above three asphalt mixtures (hot mix, warm mix, and cold-mix) have their pros and cons. Each of them is suitable for a different situation, and you can choose them according to your needs. 

Patriot construction and consulting is your ideal asphalt paving contractor. Our team of experts can help you to choose the right asphalt mix according to your need. 

Want to contact our asphalt paving expert, request your quote here or give us a call today on (480) 694-8176.


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