10 Tips To Getting Roof Winter Ready For Homeowners: Here’s What You Need To Know

By admin Posted on: 01 Dec 2020, Roofing

Are you ready with your safeguards to protect your sweet home from harsh weather conditions? It’s never too late to get your roof space ready for the winters coming. As we are getting closer to cold winds, chilled storms, fog, rain, and snow, it’s time to get a check on our home roof to get it all set for winters.

The trick is in preparing a smart defense plan against the changing harsh weather conditions to save your roof. Getting your roof ready for the coming winters helps you avoid costly roof affairs or roof replacements.  The homeowners should understand the need for the inspection of the roof before the arrival of stormy winters. The homeowners should plan their roof inspection before the start of December. According to the roofing professionals, to keep your roof winter safe and warm, here are some tips to get your roof ready for the seasonal change.

Crop And Shed The Unwanted Hanging Branches

As trees provide you great warmth during sunny days in summer, at the same time, it can damage your roof during heavy storms in the winters. Long and sharp branches can scratch shingles and create dents on your roof.

Trees with long and sharp needles, unwanted leaves, or fruits can drop debris onto your roof. It may cause mold and mildew buildup.

For shredding and trimming branches from your trees, hire the expert that can help you protect your home in an eco-friendly manner. Cut down the trees smartly so that it cannot harm nature and your roof.  Remove unwanted branches, leaves, or twigs from the roof.

Inspect Your Roof’s Edges And Valleys

During winters, your roof’s edges may have structural damages due to ice and cold weather. The roof valleys are more prone to leaks. Keep your valley’s debris clean. It helps prevent the unnecessary collection of trash on your roof. Also, check if your roof edges need new flashing.

If you need to install flashing, check out for the changes in elevation — from shallow to deep — or a convex or concave shape on your roof’s edges. Flashing can also prevent wood decay and helps you stop leaking around your roof’s edge. Inspect the flashing on your roof at least once a year.

Take Off Debris, Dirt, And Extra Leaves

Your roof may contain branches, leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris over time. Since the debris contains moisture, the dirt and leaves on your roof could blog your sewage pipelines and grow mold on your roof. By cleaning debris from your roof protects your water drainage and encourages healthy water. Homeowners should clean their roof proactively twice a year.

List out the type of roofs you have before you start cleaning the dirt:

  • For Asphalt shingles, to get free from shingles, use products free of bleach and ammonia.  Make use of a bristle brush or a soft cloth instead of power washing. Asphalt roofing is considered one of the best ways of perfect roofing at a low price.
  • For Wood shakes and shingles, make sure to clean stains faster as moss and lichen growth could void your warranty. Make use of ammonia-free cleaning products for roofs.
  • For Cedar shake and shingles, make sure you use cleaners free of ammonia and bleach. Wipe off extra tree branches and twigs from the roof using water pressure.
  • For Metal, be cautious when treating your metal roof. Metal can break when it interacts with certain chemicals.

Read also: Quick tips for getting the best long-lasting performance from asphalt paving.

CleanUp Your Sewage Pipelines

Not only your basement, but water clogs can also be there at your rooftops. It harms your sewage system from passing the water away from your home. The blocked water may lead to possible cracks that may affect the physical structure of the house.

Due to this, an overflow of water and snow could result in severe damage to the roof. The pipelines may even break if they collect too much water or snow. You can also install gutter guards and screens to prevent leaves from infiltrating your gutters. Removing trash from gutters will help you keep your roof clean. Make sure your sewage is free from damaged holes and repair it as soon as possible.

CleanUp Your Sewage Pipelines

No Entry Of Animals

The entry of wild animals may damage your roofs. When you hear the sounds like scratching and rustling, you immediately make them leave your house. Make your animals won’t give birth in your roof space.

Do the inspection of your roof for birds’ nests and animals roaming around your roof space. Ensure you maintain the trees in your garden space to avoid entering or climbing wild animals onto your roof. Cover your trash outside to keep unwanted pests from arriving in your yard. You can also hire an animal expert if not comfortable with handling animals alone.

Remove Sealant And Deep Check The Chimney

Roofs having antennas and brick stacks should be thoroughly checked for the sealant. You can protect your roof by replacing the sealant that has become cracked or torn. 

Along with this, also inspect your chimney for loosening mortar chunks. You need to contact the company serving the best roofing services for roof repair issues.

Call An Expert For Roof Repairing

A professional person that has the expertise in understanding the technicalities of a room warranty and the types of damage insurance companies cover. The experts will also understand better how to inspect the interior and exterior of the home to determine the structural integrity of the roof.

Roofing Professionals Arizona is considered the best professional company in delivering the most efficient and cost-effective roof solutions to homeowners. We can quickly and efficiently improve and remodel homes as you want. Protecting your homes during cold months is our commitment to you. 

Check If Roof Is Under Insurance Cover

You should be aware of the warranty of your roof and insurance cover that is covered and can save the roof from bad weather conditions. The homeowners should keep a file of your roof’s maintenance if it needs any repairs and inspections. It will help you protect your roof’s warranty.

Your insurance may cover any damage done to your roof. It includes leakage, interior damage, sealant, etc. The damages caused by fire, weather calamities like tornadoes, and hurricanes are cover under insurance.

Examine The Shingles First

Check the roof for any cracks, breaks, or any other moisture damage. Replace the shingles or the entire roof. Make sure you have checked the areas prone to leaks, mainly chimneys or any skylights.  Inspecting your shingles should be done twice a year. A professional company will help you with this.

Also, maintain the records for the inspections done to protect the warranty on your roof. You will need a new roof if your roof is at least 15 years old with broken shingles.

Check The Insulation And Ventilation Of Attic

Well-fitted attic insulation and ventilation can protect the integrity of your roof and help you stay warm, and save costs. Proper insulation also keeps your shingle’s surface colder that can prevent ice dams.

You can also install ice and water protectors during a new roof installation to prevent damage from ice dams.  Moisture can build up in your attic if your attic has improper ventilation.

The flowing water may cause damage to the framing or roof. Keeping your attic insulation and ventilation in a better condition may keep your home warmer and prevent ice dams.

Check The Insulation And Ventilation Of Attic

Consider Flashing Of Roof

Rains and wind storms may cause flashing and tear your roof. To prevent more damages and leaks, we highly recommend you to inspect the flashing and check if everything is going well.

Flashing works as an additional protective mechanism that directs the water flow and prevents its passage into your home structure.

You may find flashing in the areas where chimneys interconnect with the roof or the intersections of the roof.


The Last Words

Your roof is one of the most crucial areas of your home. It needs to be taken care of during harsh weather conditions. Homeowners should contact the best roofing professionals to get their roof repaired before the arrival of the winters. The professional contractors can easily handle the maintenance and repair at a low cost.

We will provide you with the best Roofing services that can help you save a lot and also to make sure that everything will proceed as you want it.

To know more about roof maintenance, Patriot Construction & Consulting can help you with smart professionals that provide cost-effective and reliable services for all your roof-related problems.


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